Spanish Biodiesel Plant to Refit for Waste Oils

John Davis

BDIlogoA biodiesel plant in Spain is being refitted to take more feedstocks to include waste oils, such as used restaurant grease and animal fats. BDI-BioEnergy International AG announced it will retrofit the 31,000-ton-per-year Stocks del valles biodiesel plant:

The existing customer Stocks del valles commissioned BDI with the implementation of the RetroFit-program, which takes place in this particular case by the installation of a new type of pre-esterification. Based on this, the flexibility of the feedstock of the entire BioDiesel-plant will increase significantly while maintaining the strict biodiesel quality regulations (EN 14214).

“We are very pleased to support our customer with a long-term business-relationship, to optimize his existing BioDiesel-plant to the state of the art Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel-technique. This is another proof that our RetroFit-technology is increasingly in demand for international biodiesel plants. In addition, it provides an efficient way for biodiesel producers to increase the profitability of their existing plants with the experience and the technology of BDI.”, says Dr Edgar Ahn – CSO and member of the Management Board.

BDI says this new system allows for a high percentage degradation products in the oil, especially free fatty acids, FFA.

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