World Cup Buses to Run on Biodiesel Blend

John Davis

bioplanetbus1Next year, the world will go to Brazil for soccer’s World Cup, and some of the travel around the South American country will be on biodiesel. This story posted on says delegations from teams taking part will ride on buses fueled by a 20 percent blend of biodiesel made from recycled oil:

The project belongs to a Biotechnos Projetos Autossustentáveis, a company based in Santa Rosa, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with an office in Rio de Janeiro.

Biotechnos is developing the venture after having been selected to take part in the 2014 World Cup Brazil Promotion Plan. According to Márcia Werle, the company’s chairwoman of the board, 40 productive arrangements will be setup in the host cities. The first of them, in Rio de Janeiro, has already become operational this year, and it has supplied biodiesel to generators that were used during the World Youth Journey last July on Copacabana.

According to the executive, the projects in Brasília, Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte are well underway. By the World Cup, these arrangements should have produced 25 million litres of biodiesel. The product will be used in transporting the delegations, but also to other ends. The idea is for the fuel to be showcased to the world during the Cup, but also for it to become a legacy.

The company running the project has several different partners, including some non-government organizations collecting household oil to process into biodiesel. The overall initiative is known as Bioplanet.

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