S.D. AAA Promotes TV Ad Supporting Ethanol

Joanna Schroeder

With Triple A (AAA) defending itself against comments made by a current Big Oil campaign that they don’t support ethanol, the organization is fighting back. South Dakota AAA has launched its own TV ad in support of ethanol. The South Dakota AAA office says a new campaign by the American Petroleum Institute (API) misrepresents AAA’s position on E15 and ethanol. They say API’s ads are the latest in a series of communications on social media and elsewhere which portray AAA as being “anti-ethanol.”

“We thank AAA and the many ethanol supporters across the country who spoke up and urged the auto club to set the record straight on Big Oil’s dishonest ad campaign,” said Ron Lamberty, senior vice president for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE).

“Big Oil wants people to think AAA is anti-ethanol, but the auto club’s response shows that is clearly not the case. We are glad to work with AAA South Dakota to help spread the message about their support for ethanol,” continued Lamberty.

He also thanked ethanol supporters for calling AAA offices. “This would not have happened if individual ethanol supporters had not contacted AAA to find out what their stance was, and asked that AAA set the record straight,” added Lamberty. “This is a perfect example of what we all need to do, to make sure Big Oil’s anti-ethanol smear campaign is not successful.”

AAA South Dakota Ethanol Video from AAA Oklahoma on Vimeo.

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