Growth Energy Submits More RFS Comments

Cindy Zimmerman

As the Renewable Fuels Association did, Growth Energy also submitted answers today in response to the request from the House Energy and Commerce Committee for stakeholder input regarding implementation issues and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

hearing-buisThe answers echoed CEO’s Tom Buis’ testimony on the RFS during the stakeholder hearing this week.“The RFS was enacted nearly six years ago – it is time for the petroleum industry to move to higher biofuel blends and comply with the law,” said Buis. “The easiest way to comply is to simply blend E15 and higher ethanol blends.”

Buis also noted that moving to higher blends of ethanol would address RIN costs as well, stating: “The easiest way to bring down RIN prices and reduce compliance costs is to increase market access for higher blends of biofuels. If the major oil companies stop erecting artificial hurdles to E15 and midlevel ethanol blends, there would be ample RINs available to meet obligations under the RFS.” Tom Buis RFS testimony

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