Biodiesel Board CEO Tells Congress RFS is Working

John Davis

rfs-hearing-jobeAs lawmakers debated the value of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), the CEO of the National Biodiesel Board made the case on CSPAN that his group’s green fuel is delivering on those RFS promises.

“First, under the RFS, the advanced biofuel and biomass-based diesel categories programs are working. And second, with the help of the RFS, biodiesel is reducing consumer prices at the pump,” Jobe told a House Energy subcommittee hearing, adding biodiesel is the first and only EPA-approved advanced biofuel produced on a commercial scale and the first to hit a billion gallons of production annually. The industry has also exceeded the biomass-based diesel category every year the program has been in existence, while producing more than 50,000 jobs, diversifying and improving the domestic fuel supply, and reducing pollution. Gadsden, Alabama’s recent conversion of its fleet to a 20 percent biodiesel blend (B20) is saving that city $100,000 a year, and the U.S. Navy is saving 13 cents a gallon by using B20. “This is a tremendous success story.”

Jobe went on to point out that biodiesel is actually improving the overall quality of the country’s diesel supply, without reducing performance. And he said many waste products, such as waste fats and oils, are staying out landfills and adding value to agricultural products – increasing the value of cattle by $10 a head, hogs by $1.25 and $.30 for poultry.

Jobe also addressed the issue of fraudulent Renewable Identification Numbers, RINs, pointing out that the biodiesel industry went after the issue aggressively.

“In 2010 and 2011, the biodiesel industry experienced a few cases of criminals generating and trading fraudulent RINs. Our industry took very aggressive measures working closely with EPA and the petroleum industry to address the fraud head on,” deploying a private-sector developed, robust RIN integrity program. Two of the three RIN frauders are now in jail with the third case pending.

He concluded that the RFS was the right policy when it was signed in 2005 and renewed an 2007, and it remains a sound policy today. Jobe said his industry will work with anyone to make the RFS an unqualified success.

Listen to Joe’s remarks here: Joe Jobe, CEO of NBB, remarks before House Energy subcommittee

And you can see more of that hearing archived on CSPAN’s website.

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