Biodiesel Board Welcomes RI Bioheat Mandate

John Davis

BioheatlogoFolks in Rhode Island will be staying warm in future winters with some help from Bioheat, a blend of biodiesel and heating oil. The governor of that state signed legislation to mandate a 2 percent blend requirement starting in July of 2014 with plans to expand that to 5 percent in 2017. The news was welcomed by the National Biodiesel Board and the state’s heating oil trade association:

“I commend the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island for not sitting back and waiting for change to come to them,” said Paul Nazzaro, who spearheads the Bioheat education program for the National Biodiesel Board. “They recognized Bioheat as the future of their industry that can reverse the contraction of their market, and they took control of their own destiny.”

Julie Gill, executive director and CEO of the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island, said getting the legislation passed took persistence and commitment.

“We’re proud that the Bioheat requirement has passed, because it will benefit not only our industry, but heating oil consumers in our state,” Gill said. “Oil heat systems run more effectively with a biodiesel blend, and Bioheat will help heating oil be more environmentally competitive. We will continue to work towards making our product the cleanest fuel available.”

Other states in that region have passed similar measures, but Rhode Island will be the first to implement a statewide Bioheat mandate.

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