AAA Sets Record Straight on E15

Joanna Schroeder

This week the American Petroleum Institute (API) kicked off an new anti-ethanol and anti-biofuels TV and print campaign and in a commercial being aired in South Dakota, criticized the increased use of ethanol and E15 as a motor fuel. The 30-second commercials mention Triple A (AAA) and the organization has come out publicly and said the ads misrepresent their position on E15 and is calling for API to have the ads taken down.

“This commercial is the latest in a series of communications on social media and elsewhere which portray AAA as being “anti-ethanol.” This is not the case,” according to AAA’s statement. “AAA South Dakota remains a strong supporter of image002-2the development and use of alternative fuels such as ethanol. The auto club believes ethanol fuels provide motorists with a choice at the pump that promotes U.S. energy independence, supports American and South Dakotan jobs and can save the consumer money.”

The Senior Vice President for the American Coalition for Ethanol, Ron Lamberty, today is thanking Triple A and locally based ethanol supporters for speaking out against the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) new anti E15 campaign.

“We are pleased with the reactions to these inaccurate ads. I think what this shows is the amount of support here in the heartland of the nation for ethanol and higher ethanol blends like E15,” said Lamberty.

“We salute and thank our members and supporters of ethanol who called, emailed and texted their local AAA office to complain about the ads. To have an office state their support for ethanol within hours of the ad airing in this market indicates how much people want their choice at the pump and should indicate why Big Oil is running such a dishonest campaign. Let’s face it, people know the truth and they are starting to see through Big Oil’s lies on E15 and the Renewable Fuel Standard,” Lamberty concluded.

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