Big Green Biodiesel, Solar Bus on Gulf Coast Swing

John Davis

biggreenbus1Students spreading the gospel of biodiesel and solar are on the southern Gulf Coast swing of their country-wide tour of the U.S. WLOX-TV reports the Big Green Bus, an environmental project from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, stopped in Biloxi, Miss., using biodiesel and solar power to teach about how to go green.

“This summer, we are traveling the country and we are learning about sustainability and environmental issues in different areas. And how they affect different communities,” said Meegan Daigler, the 21-year-old manager of the Big Green Bus project.

Big Green runs on bio-diesel. Solar panels transfer power to ten batteries which convert the sun’s energy to electricity.

“Solar powers the fridge and all the electronics. So, all these outlets. They are all powered by solar panels,” said Daigler.

Grand Biloxi, a local casino, hosted The Big Green Bus, as part of its efforts to go green and save some green.

The Big Green Bus will make its way to and then up the West Coast before turning east, through the Rockies, across the Midwest and back to New England.

Biodiesel, Solar