New British Columbia Biodiesel Blender Pump Opens

John Davis

CowichanlogoA cooperative in British Columbia, Canada opens a new biodiesel blender pump. This story from the Cowichan Valley (BC) Citizen says the area’s first blender pump opened to an enthusiastic crowd at the Bings Creek Solid Waste Facility:

“It’s taken a little while to get here but we’ve done it and now I’d like to welcome you to Phase 1 of what we call a bio-diesel blending station. I think it’s the first of its kind in North America as a cooperative between local government and a non-profit, with significant help from Van City Credit Union,” [Brian Roberts, president of the Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op] said.

The idea is to allow the regional district to fuel up its vehicles with biodiesel right at Bings Creek.

“CVRD vehicles will be able to use a blend of biodiesel, anywhere from five per cent up to 50 per cent and 100 per cent biodiesel. This allows the CVRD to maximize the amount of biodiesel they can use in any one vehicle to whatever the warranty limitations may be, and if there are no limitations, we can go to 100 per cent biodiesel to make that vehicle carbon neutral,” Roberts said.

The cooperative uses local waste cooking oil as its feedstock.

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