ICM & INPASA Strengthen Partnership

Joanna Schroeder

ICM, Inc. has signed a contract with Industria Paraguaya de Alcoholes S.A. (INPASA) for sale of an evaporator and dryer system at its plant in Nueva Esperanza, Paraguay. INPASA was founded in 2006 to produce fuel ethanol derived from several feedstock including a_inpasasorghum, corn, and sugarcane. INPASA’s plant in Nueva Esperanza produces approximately 400,000 liters of ethanol per day, and is the largest producer of sugar and maize-based ethanol in Latin America.

“Today’s announcement illustrates the strength of continued collaboration between ICM and INPASA and our shared commitment to improving the sustainability of agriculture worldwide. We appreciate the opportunity to broaden our relationship with INPASA and we are thankful for the continued trust they place with us as we work to support their plant operations,” said Chris Mitchell, president of ICM.

ICM has previously fulfilled other contracts in 2012 for INPASA related to engineering services and other value-added products. Following a successful deployment of ICM’s engineering and corn oil recovery system technologies, INPASA purchased the evaporator and dryer system which is estimated to be installed by the second quarter of 2014.

José Odvar Lopes, president of INPASA, added, “INPASA is very pleased to have established contracts with ICM regarding the design and fabrication of an evaporator, dryer and corn oil recovery systems. We are very satisfied with the service and technology provided by ICM. INPASA is confident that the top quality work performed by ICM will be repeated in this INPASA project,”

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