DuPont Expands Technology Center

Joanna Schroeder

DuPont is expanding its Silicon Valley Technology Center to include new innovations and collaborations in the energy and electronics industry. The company plans to use the center to further accelerate product and process development, as well as increase application support to customers around the world.

“For DuPont, this expansion is about collaborating more closely on developing technological innovations for the broad base of industry sectors we serve, including solar energy and consumer electronics,” said David B. Miller, president, DSVTC-Cell-LineDuPont Electronics & Communications. “We have a comprehensive ability to perform research, product development, testing and application support all under one roof and we’re excited about the new innovations now on our horizon. A stronger presence in the Silicon Valley community means we can build even stronger relationships that support our customers’ success globally.”

In 2011, DuPont acquired Innovalight, a Sunnyvale based start-up company located at the same site. Since the acquisition, DuPont has continued to invest in facilities, tools as well as lab improvements to enhance the site capabilities.

The extended capabilities of this recently renamed DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center include commercial-grade tools and process capabilities to produce solar cells and solar panels. A rooftop testing station for solar panels is planned for later this year. A new technology lab has been added to explore the formulation of new DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization pastes for more efficient solar cells.

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