CSE to Build Geothermal Energy Plant

Joanna Schroeder

Cornerstone Sustainable Energy (CSE) has entered into an agreement with Warner Mountain Energy Corporation to begin the first phase of development of a geothermal energy plant to be located in the Surprise Valley Hot Springs, in Cedarville, California. This phase of development will include a feasibility analysis, conceptual design and budgeting PwrCor-250-kW-Engine-003_f_improf_478x382to install CSE’s PwrCor engine that will generate electrical power. Once complete, this will be the first installation using PwrCor engine to generated power by using heat fro a geothermal source.

Warner Mountain Energy has approximately 1000 acres for use at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs. The site has several artesian hot springs free flowing to the surface, delivering an aggregate of approximately 850 gallons per minute at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. CSE will tap the hot spring water to supply heat to its PwrCor engine that is expected to produce 250 kilowatts of electric power with 150 gallons per minute of water at 180 degrees F. At this level of output, the Surprise Valley Hot Springs site represents a potential estimated at 1.5 megawatts of constant, uninterrupted electric power.

CSE says that once online, the PwrCor engine operates at input temperatures and flows that are considerably less than those required by competing technologies. The company notes that the ability to operate at these lower temperature and flows enables geothermal developers to exploit resources that were previously unusable for the commercial production of electricity.

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