Consumer Opinion Poll On Gas Prices

Joanna Schroeder

FA_SummerGasPoll_National_062513aSummer driving season is in full swing and with it comes grumbling over fluctuating gas prices. A new poll commissioned by Fuels America asked consumers their thoughts on gas prices and renewable fuels. The survey, conducted by Research Now, identifies specific budget items families give up when they are faced with high gas prices, and their attitudes around oil, renewable fuel and the impacts both have on the economy and environment.

Eighty percent polled think the nation (U.S.) should be using more renewable fuel and 73 percent support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) that is helping this to happen. The poll also found that four of the top five things consumers give up when faced with high gas prices are social or family related activities. Other findings include:

  • 55% said that if gas prices go up, they would likely take fewer road trips to visit friends and family
  • 27% responded they would enjoy fewer meals out at restaurants
  • 17% would cut back on clothes shopping
  • 12% would spend less on gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents blamed the oil industry for high gas prices. In addition four in five said they want the nation to use more renewable fuel and three in four said they want more renewable fuel options at gas stations. “Oil companies will do anything to keep competition from cutting into their profits,” said Brooke Coleman, executive director of the Advanced Ethanol Council.

“That’s why they’ve launched an all-out assault on homegrown oil-alternatives like renewable fuel. Consumers aren’t being fooled, however. They know oil companies are to blame for high gas prices and demanding choices at the pump. The poll also looked at self-indentifying environmentalists and their opinion of these issues as well,” added Coleman.

Listen to the Fuels America gas price and renewable fuel poll conference call here: Consumer Opinion Poll on Gas Prices

Overall, environmentalists were more critical of oil and supportive of renewable fuel:

  • 90% believe the country should be using more renewable fuel
  • 89% believe replacing oil with renewable fuel would benefit the environment
  • 67% believe the oil industry is to blame for high gas prices compared to 59% of the nation.
  • 82% support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) compared to 73% of the nation.
  • 83% want more renewable fuel options at the gas station
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