For Summer Fun, Rent an Alt Vehicle

Joanna Schroeder

This summer, Disneyland is promoting energy efficiency to those coming to their famous theme park. MPG Car Rental gives California visitors a chance to try out some alternative energy cars including the Prius, the Volkswagen TDi and the fully electric Tesla Model S, winner of the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year award.

The tie-in to green cars and Disneyland? The park has expanded its Cars Land and completed a replica or Radiator Springs, the fictional town from Disney’s hit 2006 film Cars. Visitors will be able to interact with the cars via a racing simulator that uses the technology of Epcot’s Test Track.

Cars 2 imageFor eco-conscious parents and individuals, the hysteria over cars provides an excellent opportunity to teach their children the importance of hybrid technology, electric technology and biofuels. In fact, Cars 2, the 2011 sequel to the original film of which I am a fan, features a plot in which unscrupulous big oil investors attempt to thwart the use of biofuels (both ethanol and biodiesel) in order to secure future profits. While much of this may fly over the heads of the youngest children, older kids are likely to be intrigued by the message.

So parents, whether you are visiting Southern California or somewhere else in the good ol U.S. of A. bring the movie’s message to the road by renting an alternative fueled vehicle this summer.


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