Project Volt Gas Volt – A Breakthrough Program?

Joanna Schroeder

During the EU Parliament in Brussels, a “breakthrough” green renewable energy program coined Project Volt Gas Volt was called for to make fossil fuel and first generation biofuel use obsolete. The call was made by Corinne Lepage, Member of the European Parliament (also the former French Minister of the Environment) and American Professor of Management, Robert I. Bell.

According to Lepage and Bell, renewable energy can now “keep the lights on” without disruption due to new technology and long term financing proposal for the project allowing surplus energy from wind and solar to be stored. Project Volt Gas Volt (VGV) offers a reliable, safe, Project Volt Gas Voltphase-out of nuclear power and fossil fuels with the possibility of enhancement rather than a reduction in life style.

“With Project VGV, industry and government have the solution for a successful energy transition, to optimize wind and solar energy,” said Lepage and Bell.

An element of the program would rely on new technology that converts surplus electricity generated by wind farms and solar parks to methane, that can then be stored for months in the existing natural gas grid. Bell and Lepage say the methane would become the “battery” for renewable energy while simultaneously making fracking obsolete.

“We will use the surplus energy from nuclear, now largely wasted at night, to help pay for the exit from nuclear. And we will use the CO2 generated from burning waste, biomass and from steel mills and cement plants to generate the methane,”  explained Bell.

Lepage added, “From now on, the question of exiting from nuclear while maintaining a continuous and sufficient production of electricity should not be a taboo, but a realistic political choice, one which will determine the employment of tomorrow.”

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