Students Win Clean Air & Biodiesel Poster Contest

John Davis

Cleanairchoicelogo2The American Lung Association in Minnesota and the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council recognized three Minneapolis students for their entries in the Clean Air & Biodiesel Lesson & Poster Contest. This Biodiesel Magazine article says the contest, open to 5th and 6th graders, helped demonstrate how biodiesel helps to protect clean air and protects our health:

The winners are in Leif Vanhala’s 6th grade science class. Two students, Fardowsa Jama and Samantha Martinson tied for first place honors; Logan Couillard was awarded 2nd place for his poster. First place class prize is a $50 gift card. Second place class prize is a $25 gift card. All three classrooms that participated will receive a $50 gift card for classroom supplies.

“It is exciting to have students play a role in promoting the sustainable energy solution offered in biodiesel fuels,” Leif Vanhala said. “Students took pride in helping to expanding the public’s knowledge of the health and environmental benefits of using biofuels compared to traditional fuels.”

Officials with the American Lung Association in Minnesota applauded the students’ efforts of showing how cleaner-burning fuels like biodiesel make Minnesota air cleaner and healthier.

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