BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFSustainable Energy Strategies (SESI), an organization providing consulting services to the alternative fuel industry, has hired David J. Gelman as the new vice president. In his role Gelman will focus on expanding support services for federal clients.
  • Aquinergy, developers of 250kW to 20MW wind and solar projects, have appointed Natural Power in partnership with Rev1 Renewables as the provider of remote monitoring services and access control on two single turbine projects located in the towns of Kingston and Ipswich, Massachusetts.
  • Collaboratev LLC., announced that it has appointed Collaboratev Co-Founder and long-time EV industry veteran, Jason Wolf, as its first CEO. Most recently Wolf served as Vice President of North America for Better Place.
  • The 5th Palm Oil Summit will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia August 20-21, 2013. This year, sessions will be dedicated to addresses sustainability issues that have been raised by government agencies, environmental groups and others. Discussion topics will include best practices for POME treatment, fertilization and mechanization.
  • Capstone Turbine Corporation has received an order from CleanWorld partners for its Capstone 800 Microturbine and Capstone Clean Cycle 125 kW waste heat-to-electricity generator. The grid-connected system will be installed in a combined heat and power application for a organic-waste-to-renewable energy facility.
Bioenergy Bytes