New Colorado Biodiesel Plant to Run on Cooking Oil

John Davis

ClearEcos1A new Colorado biodiesel plant will be supplied with used cooking oil as its feedstock. Bio Plant Technologies LLC (operating as ClearEcos) and GHP Biodiesel USA Inc. are joining forces to set up an 11.5 million gallon refinery in conjunction with ClearEcos’ Boulder, Colorado used cooking oil (UCO) collection business.

Kurt Lange, CEO of Bio Plant Technologies states: “Together with our restaurant partners, we will create a cleaner environment and cleaner communities in Colorado. The usage of local restaurants’ grease to create biodiesel for our municipal fleets ensures that the economic and environmental benefits of our business stay in the region. As our business grows, we will continue to create jobs for Colorado.”

Gregory Gettinger, CEO of GHP Biodiesel USA states: ”We are happy to announce this strategic merger between the UCO collection and the biodiesel production. The synergies in production and logistics are striking. Moving up the value chain from used oil collection to an integrated energy provider is a logical strategic step in this industry.”

Bio Plant Technologies touts itself as the only closed loop UCO-biodiesel-return to local communities system in Colorado.