Free Fuel Workshops in Iowa

Joanna Schroeder

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) will be hosting a summer workshop series addressing upcoming changes in the fuels shipped to Iowa via the current pipeline system. According to IRFA, these workshops are aimed at assisting fuel retailers, suppliers and marketers in preparing for the first major change in the types of fuel available at retail locations since lead was phased out of gasoline starting in the mid-1970’s.

IowaRFAlogo“Upcoming changes in the types of fuels offered through the major pipeline running through Iowa will force Iowa’s fuel retailers and distributors to make some important business decisions,” said IRFA managing director, Lucy Norton. “These workshops will help participants prepare for this product change, understand the economic considerations and evaluate how renewable fuel blending fits into the new product mix.”

Magellan’s announcement to eliminate regular unleaded gasoline shipments to Iowa will require all retailers to evaluate their product offerings. The workshops will provide details of the new fuel options along with the impact on ethanol blends, future market conditions, and E15 as a new fuel option.

“Fuel distributors and retailers have a lot to take into consideration before the fuel shipped through the major pipeline in Iowa changes in September,” Norton added. “We want to assist the fuel industry in preparing for this significant change to their business portfolio and encourage fuel suppliers and retailers to attend one of the workshops to better understand the fuel options that will affect the future of their businesses.”

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