Canadian Biodiesel Plant Plans to Ship to Germany

John Davis

gm-map1A Canadian biodiesel plant plans to crank out 7 million gallons of the green fuel a year, but none of it is intended for use north or south of the border. Biodiesel Magazine reports Biofuel Weiss Inc.’s Halifax, Nova Scotia, multifeedstock biodiesel refinery product will go to Germany:

“We are different than the other [biodiesel facilities] in Canada because our business model is based on 100 percent export to Germany,” Weiss said. “We went through the difficult double certification process, Canadian and German (DIN)/EU (EN).”

Feedstock for the 7 MMgy facility will mostly be used cooking oil (UCO) from Atlantic Canada, as Weiss said the company is partners with a majority of the regional collectors. In addition to UCO, other feedstocks will include animal fats, fatty acids and, as a last option, second-grade virgin canola oil, if the price and availability work, Weiss said.

Biofuel Weiss had hoped to start operations in September or October but is now looking at a test start by the end of the year.

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