Biodiesel Giant REG Has Best First Quarter Ever

John Davis

reg-logoRenewable Energy Group (REG), the nation’s largest producer of biodiesel, posted its best first quarter ever. The Iowa-based producer of the green fuel announced its financial results for the quarter that ended on March 31, 2013, with the first quarter 2013 adjusted EBITDA at $22.0 million after adjusting for the $57.4 million related to the 2012 retroactive reinstatement of the Biodiesel Mixture Excise Tax Credit, commonly referred to as the blenders tax credit (BTC). This compares to the same quarter a year ago of an adjusted EBITDA of $12.7 million before including the allocation of the 2012 retroactive BTC of $10.4 million. REG sold 38.9 million gallons of biodiesel during the first quarter, up 14 percent from the first quarter of 2012:

“This was our strongest first quarter ever for production and gallons sold,” said Daniel J. Oh, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Biodiesel demand is being driven by a number of positive factors including the 2013 RVO and biodiesel’s ability to meet certain advanced biofuel targets that are not being fulfilled by imported sugar cane ethanol.”

Oh added, “Demand also benefited from the reinstated tax credit, and new counter-seasonal markets such as Northeast heating oil. We are optimistic about industry conditions for the months ahead, and are taking concrete actions to capitalize on them.”

REG officials also credited their use of biodiesel Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS) to fulfill the advanced biofuel and renewable fuel (corn ethanol) renewable volume obligations (RVO) for helping the bottom line. REG also has a Rochester, New York distribution point to help boost winter heating oil mixed with biodiesel demand.

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