Extreme Biodiesel to Acquire Promethean Biofuels

John Davis

extremeprometheanCombine small with community, and you might get a big deal! Biodiesel Magazine reports that small-scale refiner Extreme Biodiesel announced it wants to acquire fellow California renewable energy maker, Promethean Biofuels, a community-scale biodiesel producer and cooperative corporation that also provides waste oil and used motor oil collection services:

“This relationship between Extreme Biodiesel and Promethean has flourished over the past several years, with talks of an acquisition having taken root several months ago,” said Joe Spadafore, Extreme Biodiesel’s corporate secretary. “This is an outstanding opportunity to expand the company in the industry with a means to enter into a cooperative environment through an established company with over 300 existing clients. This addition to Extreme Biodiesel, we anticipate, can be another solid revenue-generating venue for the company.”

Extreme Biodiesel is known for its “Mini Refineries,” waterless systems that can make 600 gallons of biodiesel per day.

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