Solar Plane to Make Cross-Country Trip Across U.S.

John Davis

solarimpulse1Makers of a solar-powered airplane have released the itinerary of a trip that will take it from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts late this spring and early this summer. The Solar Impulse will start out May 1st, depending on weather, of course, in California with several stops inbetween before ending its journey in early July in New York City:

The stopovers will be a great occasion to spread Solar Impulse’s message meant to inspire people. Only by challenging common certitudes can there be change and, through conferences on educational themes, Solar Impulse wishes to motivate everybody to become a pioneer in the search for innovative solutions for society’s biggest challenges.

solarimpulse2Solar Impulse has a wingspan of 208 feet but weighs less than an average car. It’s lightweight design obviously limits when and where the plane can fly, but designers intended it to be a demonstration of its ability to gather and use solar power for flight, even after the sun goes down. Flying for 10 years now, it made the world’s first solar 26-hour day and night flight in 2010, and last year, completed its first intercontinental flight connecting Europe to Africa. Ultimately, the designers want to fly around the world in it, hopefully, in 2015.