Topsun Launches First 420W Solar Panel

Joanna Schroeder

topsun-logoTopsun Co., based in South Korea, has launched their new 420W solar panel. According to the company, this 420W solar panel is recognized as a world first and has the highest power output in the solar industry. Its 96-cell outfit and 4mm glass added heavy duty features and galvanized aluminum materials guarantees an over 30-year lifespan.

According to Chang Joe, marketing director of Topsun, “This 420W solar panel is designed with MW utility developers in mind. Until now, utility-scale developers had to use small 250W solar panels for the MW solar projects. For this reason, the developers could not lower the installation cost to less than $2/watt because of the fixed amount and quantity of electric wires, structure cost, and extra labor cost.”

“With this 420W solar panel, the developers and installers can lower the number of solar panels for their installations by up to 40%, resulting in a reduction of approximately 10% in the amount of wires, structures, and labor times for solar projects,” continued Joe. “In the last two years, the PV module price/watt has decreased by about 130%. Otherwise, the balance of systems cost has been sustained. If the developers and installers simulate the cost with 420W PVs, they will see that the 420W solar panel has a better ROI and IRR. In commercial buildings and residential homes, this equation applies with the same effect.”

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