Ethanol – The Biggest Rural Success Story

Joanna Schroeder

classic-13-rfa-robert-whiteAccording to Robert White, the Market Development Director for the Renewable Fuels Association, ethanol is the biggest rural success story for American farmers in the past decade. White discussed with Jamie Johansen how ethanol has been a boon for farmers during the 2013 Commodity Classic held last week in Kissimmee, Florida.

Most farmers, says White, understand what impact ethanol has had on their local community. “But we’re trying to educate them on how they take that message to their elected officials. As each year goes by, more and more people are sent to Washington to represent their home state with no rural background whatsoever. And so the rural message, the ethanol message, can get lost in the urban and city environment and conversations. We want to make sure when they have those opportunities to talk to their elected officials that they pass on the message, Don’t Mess with the RFS.”

White noted that the RFS is working as intended and has already shown to be a very effective policy. He also said the industry needs a nationwide, one message approach to make sure the RFS continues and this is a big issue on Washington and on top of RFA’s priority list for 2013.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Robert on why ethanol has been so successful for rural America: Ethanol - The Biggest Rural Success Story

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