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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFThe Renewable Energy Group (REG) has announced its 2012 fourth quarter results. The company’s annual revenue exceeded $1 billion, up 23% compared to 2011; fourth quarter revenues were $232 million, down 13% from the prior year period; 188 million gallons sold, up 25% compared to 2011; adjusted EBITDA of $96.5 million for 2012; net income of $22.3 million for 2012; and nameplate production capacity increased to 227 million gallons/year.
  • The 9th annual F.O. Licht’s Sugar and Ethanol Brazil takes place in 2 weeks in Sao Paulo. The event is March 18 -20, 2013 and registration is still open.
  • Duke Energy is transferring the power purchase agreement for its 5.2 MW waste-to-energy plant in North Carolina to Blue Spere’s subsidiary, Bino Sphere.
  • Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management North America and Pristine Sun have aligned to begin the first phase of a portfolio build-out of solar PV farms in California over the next 24 months. 50MW of solar power will be connected to the grid and sold to PG&E.
  • Walmart has worked with SolarCity to install solar panels on 12 Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs throughout Ohio. The solar panel installations will add approximately 6,000,000 kWh of generation production – enough energy to power more than 820 homes – and are expected to supply approximately 5-20 percent of each store’s overall electricity use.
  • Trojan Battery Co. has received the “Application Solar Project of the Year” award at the Middle East Electricity 2013 tradeshow held in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). Trojan’s renewable energy group and Trojan’s master distributor Hydroturf International were recognized for the implementation of a first of its kind solar-powered rural street lighting project in 2012 which was commissioned by the country’s Ministry of Public Works.
Bioenergy Bytes