NW-REI Offers Wind Turbine Training

Joanna Schroeder

Northwest Renewable Energy Institute (NW-REI) is offering a Wind Turbine Technician program and is hosting three free informational sessions on the program this month: Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00 pm; Saturday, March 9th at 10:30 am; and Saturday, March rei-site-work23rd at 10:30 am. According to the U.S. Department of Energy energy map of installed wind capacity, Oregon and Washington are two of the top states in the country for wind energy use.

“This school has afforded me the chance to pursue a positive career change that fits in with my lifestyle and plans for the future. This field is growing and I can see it continuing to grow,” said Stephanie Staggs, a recent graduate of the program. “I love the accelerated program — it’s challenging, fast paced and very hands-on. The instructors are amazing and really work hard at helping you every step of the way.”

With green energy in high demand, NW-REI’s says its in-depth technical training and valuable on-the-job experience provides the tools necessary for success in this fast-growing industry. The program takes students out of a classroom and puts them 300 feet into the air on a wind turbine. Students can expect an innovative approach to wind turbine training that will include classroom-based training, computer-based training and hands-on training. The green energy training programs teach the technical skills necessary to service, repair, and maintain wind turbines.

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