New Ethanol Video Released

Jamie Johansen

rfa-logo-09The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) just released “40 Facts About Ethanol,” an animated video review of ethanols past, present and future.

“This video proves once and for all that today’s ethanol is not your father’s ethanol. The ethanol industry has made impressive strides in the last 30 years in production volumes, foreign oil displacement, production efficiencies, co-products, job creation, and cellulose and advanced ethanol market entry. The ethanol industry has a great story to tell and this video helps us tell it with data, color and occasionally humor. Whether you think you know all there is about ethanol or you are new to the topic, this video is a must-see! It is a great primer,” said Bob Dinneen, RFA’s President and CEO.

Check out the video below or visit

In addition, RFA just released a newly updated mobile E85 locator app. The Flex-Fuel Station Locator application for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and all Android devices is free and can be found in the App Store and Android Marketplace. This new version will help users pinpoint any station in the United States offering E85.

“With more than eleven million flex-fuel vehicles in America, we wanted to make it easier, faster, and perhaps more educational and fun for drivers to find E85,” said Robert White, RFA Director of Market Development. “Americans increasingly demand more fuel choice at the pump. They want alternatives to petroleum, especially foreign petroleum. They want fuels which are domestic, renewable, and environment-enhancing. They bought FFVs for a reason and we want to keep fueling the change.”

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