TRANSCAER Honors RFA’s Missy Ruff

Joanna Schroeder

Missy Ruff, Market Development Manager with Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), was recognized by the TRANSCAER Executive Committee for a 2012 TRANSCAER Individual Recognition for her successful efforts to plan, organize and implement TRANSCAER training dedicated to safe handling of ethanol and awareness response training for emergency responders across the U.S. More specifically, the award is given to an individual or company who has gone beyond the normal call of duty to advocate, demonstrate and implement TRANSCAER’s principles, Missy Ruffenhance their public recognition and increase participation in their programs.

“Missy’s dedication and commitment to ensuring that our emergency responders from across the U.S. are trained on the safe response to ethanol is impressive,” said Donna Lepik, Staff Executive, TRANSCAER. “The TRANSCAER Awards program allows us to acknowledge and thank our dedicated volunteers for their truly remarkable accomplishments, demonstrated through their continuous efforts to ensure communities are prepared to deal with possible hazardous materials transportation related incidents.”

For more than five years, Ruff has worked to expand ethanol infrastructure around the country. She has helped retailers understand the benefits of blending mid-level and higher blends of ethanol and has played an important role in the increasing number of E85 and blender pumps across the country. She also works with first responders to ensure their safety and the safety of communities, by teaching them how to handle ethanol should an accident occur.

“I am honored to receive this recognition from TRANSCAER,” said Ruff. “Safety is a priority in the ethanol industry. Educating and preparing first responders on how to properly respond to ethanol emergencies is extremely important for their own safety and for the communities they protect.”

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