Consortium to Develop 2 Solar Projects in Ecuador

Joanna Schroeder

SunWize Technologies is developing two major solar photovoltaic projects in the Republic of Ecuador in conjunction with Solexica Energy Corporation, JCM Capital and Radical Energy, Inc. that have created a North American Consortium to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. The two photovoltaic projects—known as Condor Solar and Solarconnection, represent 30 megawatts (AC) and 20 megawatts (AC) respectively. Combined, these installations will have an estimated peak capacity of 62.5 megaswatts (DC) and will feature approximately 234,000 solar panels, multiple inverters and a substation to process and distribute energy to over 100,000 households in northern Ecuador.

30MW_Condor-Solar_website“Photovoltaic solar energy doesn’t pollute air, soil or water, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for energy production worldwide. As members of the North American Consortium, we look forward to providing the people of Ecuador with an energy resource that will serve them well in the years ahead,” said Scott Tonn, CEO of SunWize.

Both the Condor Solar and Solarconnection projects will be constructed in a region of the Andes Mountains called Canton Pedro Moncayo. According to SunWize, the area’s average temperature allows solar panels to operate at optimum efficiency, while its altitude and location near the equator offer abundant sunshine with few impediments. In addition to its climate, there are other factors which make Pedro Moncayo an ideal location for solar projects. During the development of both solar projects, surrounding communities will host activities to promote and ensure sustainable development throughout the region. These activities will include training programs focused on renewable energy, health, sustainable agriculture, and arts and culture.

SunWize President and COO David Kaltsas, added, “Pedro Moncayo’s geographic location will help these projects be both economical and efficient. However, the area is also surrounded by a number of tourist attractions, including the Mojanda stratovolcano. As a result, Pedro Moncayo is uniquely positioned to serve as a model of sustainable energy use that thousands of tourists will have the opportunity to discover and appreciate in the years ahead.”

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