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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFDayStar Technologies has announced the completion of its first acquisition from Avatar Solar of a Hawaiian solar park. DayStar will be acquiring all of Avatar’s operational solar parks throughout the State of Hawaii. DayStar paid cash and common shares issued at $2.00 for the solar park.
  • GTM Research and Azure International have released China Wind Market Quarterly: Q4 2012 report. According to the report, China continues to deploy wind capacity at a quick pace with over 14.5 gigawatts installed in 2012 and 18 gigawatts forecast for 2013.
  • Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide has announced the receipt of an order for its ultra-lightweight Q-Lite compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel storage tanks for natural gas powered pick-up trucks.
  • According to the Sustainable Energy in America 2013 Factbook, produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance on behalf of the Business Council on Sustainable Energy, renewable energy installations hit an all-time record with at least 17 GW of new nameplate capacity added in 2012; in April 2012, electricity generation from natural gas equaled that from coal for the first time in US history; policies and approaches for financing energy efficiency continued to make market headway; energy intensity for US commercial buildings has now dropped by more than 40% since 1980 and investments in smart grid topped $4 billion; and carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from the energy sector were on pace to sink to their lowest level since 1994.
  • WWF has released a new report, Putting the EU on Track for 100% Renewable Energy,  which shows where Europe needs to be by 2030 in order to reach a fully renewable energy system by 2050.  According to the report, by 2030, the EU could be reducing its energy use by more than a third and generate almost half of the remainder from renewables. In addition, by 2030 the EU could use at least 38% less energy compared to a business as usual projection; generate more than 40% of its energy from renewable sources, and by doing both, reduce its energy related greenhouse emissions by 50% compared to 1990 levels.
  • Primus Green Energy has hired John Doyle as Chief Infrastructure Officer. Doyle was formerly with BP Biofuels.
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