99.9% Electricity from Wind & Solar by 2030

Joanna Schroeder

IWEA logoAccording to recent research from the University of Delaware, 99.9 percent of electrical needs in a large power grid can be provided by wind, solar and new storage technologies by 2030 at costs comparable to today. Author Dr. Cory Budischak will present the findings in more detail during the general session on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 as part of the 6th Annual Iowa Wind Power Conference.

Other conference speakers include Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. In addition, the Director of Wind and Water from the US Department of Energy has been invited to speak. The conference will focus on four general themes that reflect the national and world leadership position that Iowa has achieved. Those themes include technology development, small & community wind, operation & maintenance and education training & research. In addition, a Research Poster Display featuring dozens of new university research projects will be a key element of the event. Click here for more information about the conference.