Register Now – 9th Ethanol Short Course

Joanna Schroeder

lallemand Biofuels logoYou can never have too much education even if you’ve been working in the ethanol industry for many years – especially since technologies and practices continue to improve. A great tool is the 9th Ethanol Short Course, an ongoing effort to develop, train educate both new and experienced biofuel professionals. The course is sponsored by Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits and provides participants with in-depth training, conducted by industry experts and incorporates the entire fuel ethanol process. This year’s Ethanol Short Course takes place March 19-21 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Anyone interested in pursuing a practical or more technical understanding of the fuel ethanol production process should attend. Attendees should include plant operators, plant managers, lab technicians, lab managers and maintenance staff.

Topics and discussions will include: grain handling and starch conversion; fermentation technology; water treatment; evaporation and drying; safety; yeasts, enzymes and antimicrobials; chlorine dioxide chemistry; cellulosic ethanol research; DDGs and centrifugation. Click here for the full agenda and click here to register.

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