This Valentines Day – Heart Big Oil

Joanna Schroeder

This Valentines Day, spread some cheer by telling Big Oil just how much we heart them – NOT! On this love filled holiday, Fuels America sent out a Valentine Day video, “We Love Oil” to show that although love is in the air this week, America is suffering from a broken heart caused by oil.

How do you love oil? “I love how when the oil companies are making more profits than any other industry in history, ever, they still get billions in subsidies ever year. I mean, that’s awesome.”

Awesome indeed. This video must be watched and go viral!

Fuels America says it is time to end America’s love affair with this finite and expensive fuel source that has led to higher gas prices, and climate change-inducing weather that makes us the wrong kind of hot.

So what are you waiting for? Tweet this out already @FuelsAmerica.

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