E15 Marketer Gets Ethanol Industry Award

Cindy Zimmerman

nec13-award-1During the opening session on the second day of the Renewable Fuels Association’s (RFA) 18th annual National Ethanol Conference, Scott Zaremba, President of Zarco 66 Inc. and Zarco 66 American Fuels, received the “Industry Award” in recognition of his vision and commitment to expanding fuel choices for his customers in Kansas.

In July of 2012, Scott Zaremba became the first petroleum marketer in the United States to offer E15. Since that time, he has expanded E15 availability to seven stations throughout Kansas.

Presenting the award, RFA president and CEO Bob Dinneen said, “Scott is a trailblazer. He has vision, know-how, and most important, passion. It is never easy being first-in-the-nation at anything, but it is particularly challenging when introducing an entirely new fuel. Scott is committed to offering E15 in the name of a stronger, more energy independent country.”

Zaremba explained, “I’m proud to be able to offer my customers a choice at the pump, especially when that choice helps Kansas drivers save money, clean the environment and support ethanol production jobs across the state of Kansas and throughout the Midwest. In Kansas, our state motto talks about getting to the stars through difficulties. Introducing E15 is a good example of blazing a new trail despite regulatory delays and resistance to break our addition to foreign oil. E15 is a win-win in my book. It is part of a domestic solution to energy independence.”

Listen to my interview with Scott here: Scott Zaremba at NEC 2013

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