USDA Undersecretary Optimistic About Biofuels

Cindy Zimmerman

iarfa-13-dallasUSDA Undersecretary for Rural Development Dallas Tonsager is optimistic about the future of biofuels.

“When faced with an economic challenge, rural Americans came up with an economic solution and developed a biofuels industry,” Tonsager said in an interview after speaking to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. “My belief is, as time goes along and we’re faced with challenging circumstances again, people will come up with solutions again.”

Tonsager sees success coming in the cellulosic biofuels world which should begin to demonstrate its economic viability as well. “We’ve got a lot of challenges in ethanol,” he said. “But the industry is stepping up and fighting and I think that is an extremely positive sign.”

Listen to an interview with Tonsanger here: USDA Undersecretary Dallas Tonsager

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