Growth Energy CEO at Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit

Cindy Zimmerman

iarfa-13-buisGrowth Energy CEO Tom Buis told attendees at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit this week that the biofuels industry needs to meet the challenges ahead and keep moving forward.

“We have our challenges, but we have our opportunities,” Buis said in an interview after his speech, noting that the industry can expect continued attacks on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). “We’re not just doing to play defense, we’re going to go on the offense.”

That includes the industry coalition Fuels America, which is working to combat the weekly assaults on the RFS by detractors. Buis says the RFS is the “best energy policy this nation’s passed in the last 40 years and we shouldn’t give up on it the fifth year into a 15 year program.”

Listen to interview with Buis here: Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis
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