IRFA Renewable Fuels Summit Smashing Success

Joanna Schroeder

A bit of bad weather couldn’t keep people away from the 7th Annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s (IRFA) Renewable Fuels Summit. The event kicked off with remarks from Executive Director Monte Shaw who said that the renewable fuels industry was ready to fight for the future. The organization, on behalf of its members, said Shaw will fight for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2), as well as consumer access to higher ethanol and biodiesel blends.

“Today I can assure you that the Iowa renewable fuels industry is ready for the fight ahead,” said Shaw during his presentation. “We know that Big Oil has the money, but we have iarfa-13-montethe facts. We are ready to fight for more choices at the pump – cheaper, cleaner, homegrown choices.”

Shaw noted that the national priority is to defend the RFS from attacks by the petroleum industry. “We should start by protecting the federal renewable fuels standard (RFS) from the assault by Big Oil,” continued Shaw. “In the face of the federal petroleum mandate and the massive Big Oil tax subsidies, the RFS is the best tool we have to help open doors for ethanol and biodiesel. The RFS promotes consumer fuel choice at the pump. The RFS brings more marketplace forces into the fuel sector, not less.”

In addition, Shaw called upon Governor Terry Brandstad, who also presented during the morning session, along with the Iowa Legislature, to promote higher biodiesel and ethanol blends. “Iowa does not suck one hydrocarbon out of the ground. We produce renewable fuels. Today, IRFA is calling on the Iowa Legislature and Governor Branstad to include a B10 and E15 tax differential in any legislation changing Iowa fuel taxes,” said Shaw.

Shaw noted that relative to other states, the last five or six years have been good for Iowa and renewable fuels have played a major role. To underscore the point, IRFA released a biodiesel economic study.

“We must fight for our future. So join me in committing to fight for renewable fuels in 2013,” concluded Shaw.

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