Ag Secretary Reacts to EPA Administrator Resignation

Cindy Zimmerman

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has had a good working relationship with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on various issues important to farmers, ranchers and renewable energy and he is sorry to hear about her resignation from the Obama cabinet.

jackson-vilsack-reg“Lisa Jackson has served our country well as she balanced improving the environment and the health of the American people – while ensuring our country’s economic competitiveness – because they are intrinsically linked,” said Vilsack in a statement today. “Throughout her tenure, she listened to stakeholders, including farmers and ranchers, and took their concerns into account while considering policies that impacted rural America. She was a friend to me and to those who live and work in rural America and her leadership will be missed.”

Vilsack and Jackson met with representatives of the ethanol industry and toured Renewable Energy Group (REG) biodiesel plant in Newton, Iowa last year. Jackson was instrumental in deciding in favor of a waiver allowing the use of 15% ethanol and against a waiver of the Renewable Fuel Standard requested this year.

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