SolarX Energy Unveils Hybrid Solar Energy System

Joanna Schroeder

SolarX Energy has launched the SolarX Hybrid – a solar system that combines thermal (hot water) production output of over 100,000 btus per day with electrical power production of up to 1.0 kilowatt per day.  The system combines the company’s SolarX-164 parabolic solar thermal collector with peripherally mounted photovoltaic (PV) panels. The stand-along system can be scaled to fit project needs and is designed to work in remote areas, such as off-the-grid agricultural operations and hospitals in emerging countries.

Using the SunHound tracking device, the system follows the path of the sun improving efficiency and output. According to SolarX Energy, the Hybrid PV panels have the ability to increase electrical production by more than 25 percent over traditional fixed PV tracking. The solar system produces enough energy to power the SunHound tracking system and the excess power production can be used or fed into the grid.

Edward Penson, SolarXEnergy chairman said, “The beauty of this system is that massive energy-consuming (and polluting) enterprises will be able to capture more of the sun’s power more consistently, more affordably and without any external power source, thereby increasing their ability to generate clean energy more easily and reduce their overall energy costs – wherever they operate in the world.”

A common question for companies or people considering the adoption of solar, is why now? Why shouldn’t I wait a few years until the technology gets better? According to David Matalon, the company’s chief technology officer, as PV technology evolves, the more advanced panels can be integrated into the system without affecting the main system.

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