Harms Oil Heated Biodiesel Blending Facility Opens

Joanna Schroeder

One of the challenges with biodiesel are extremely cold temperatures – the fuel can gell up. But one element of this challenge has been overcome with the opening of the Harms Oil Biodiesel Blending Facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This year-round facility, features two underground tanks – one heated and will hold biodiesel in the winter, while the second tank will also hold biodiesel during warmer months. This will enable southwestern Minnesota, southeast South Dakota and northeast Iowa motorists the ability to fill up with biodiesel all year long – even in the winter.

Trailers coming through the facility will already have diesel on board and be bottom loaded with biodiesel to achieve the desired blend level.

Among those who spoke at the opening were Jill Hamilton of the National Biodiesel Foundation, Bob Metz, a South Dakota soybean grower and a director of the state’s soybean research & promotion council, Jim Willers,  a Minnesota soybean grower and a director of the state’s soybean research & promotion council and Jason Harms, vice president of Harms Oil.  Jeremy Freking, executive director of South Dakota Soybean, emceed the event.

“The opening means that fuel retailers and consumers in southwestern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and eastern South Dakota will have greater access to biodiesel blends year-round,” said Lisa Thurstin, coordinator of the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition. “This investment completes an important link in the alternative fuel infrastructure in the upper Midwest, and is another step toward cleaner and more renewable transportation fuels.”

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