Car Clinic Host Baffled by AAA Ethanol Attitude

Cindy Zimmerman

Automotive service expert Bobby Likis nearly blew a gasket when he saw today that the AAA is calling for the sale of 15% ethanol blended fuel (E15) to be suspended “to protect motorists” from damaging their engines.

“To state that ethanol damages engines is a disservice to consumers…specifically to AAA members,” said Likis, who is the host of the syndicated Car Clinic Network and has been in the automotive service industry for over 40 years as technician, rear-engine dragster builder, and owner of an award-winning service shop. “The fact is there’s no proof that ethanol damages engines.”

Likis is a long time AAA member who also provides both of his out-of-state daughters with annual AAA road service cards and he speculates on what members might take away from the organization’s statements about ethanol. “Can you imagine a car owner reaching out to AAA in need of gas with the stipulation they would not accept ethanol-based fuel?” he questioned.

Likis says he is amazed when he hears people claim that ethanol ruins engines. “Technicians know that people ruin engines – neglect of ownership, lack of service, lack of following normal maintenance procedures,” said Likis, noting that car engines are perfectly capable of running on at least 15% ethanol. “Have been since 2001 and even cars prior to that, if the truth be known,” he added.

Listen to an interview with Likis about AAA statements: Car Clinic Host Bobby Likis

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