New E85 Station Opens in Atlanta

John Davis

Holiday travelers in Atlanta might be singing “I’ll Have a GREEN Christmas Without You” to their old petroleum-only based gas pumps this holiday season, as the newest E85 station has opened in the area.

The E-Z Trip Chevron, Indore Oil Company and Protec Fuel joined forces to launch the 14th E85 station early last week in the metro at 3601 Atlanta Road in Smyrna, Ga., just off I-285 at Exit 18:

“E85 is part of the future of fuels,” said Mohammad Hossain, owner of the E-Z Trip Chevron. “Many cars have flex-fuel capability, and many of my customers are environmentally savvy. I’m respecting their wishes and also feel area fleets will use E85.”

Protec Fuel, based in Florida, has partnered to help manage the E85 installation and help provide fuel for the location’s new cleaner burning fuel offering of E85. Protec is a turnkey E85 company specializing in station conversions and fuel distribution. Protec has also partnered to open other E85 stations throughout Georgia in the I-75 Green Corridor Project with the East Tenn. Clean Fuels Coalition.

“We at Protec are pleased to partner with Mohammad and E-Z Trip to bring E85 fuel to the well-positioned Smyrna area,” said an Executive Director of Protec Fuel, Steve Walk. “He has an understanding of how important the fuel is to help import less foreign oil, and to instead help bolster the local economies that produce ethanol in the States. This also benefits air quality in a sensitive area such as big cities like Atlanta.”

Indore Oil and Protec Fuel have opened numerous E85 stations throughout Atlanta over the past six years. Indore supplies fuel for E-Z Trip.

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