National Biodiesel Board Elects Governing Board

Melissa Sandfort

National Biodiesel Board members selected their trade association leadership, electing three returning governing board members and four new members to serve on the leadership committee to lead America’s advanced biofuel.

Officers elected to lead the board are:
• Gary Haer chairman, Renewable Energy Group, Inc.
• Ed Ulch, vice chair, Iowa Soybean Association
• Ron Marr, secretary, Minnesota Soybean Processors
• Steven Levy, treasurer, Sprague Operating Resources

Biodiesel board members also voted to fill seven board member spots. Board members elected to the Governing Board included treasurer Steven Levy and:
• Greg Anderson, Nebraska Soybean Board
• Jennifer Case, New Leaf Biofuels
• Mike Cunningham, ASA
• Brandon Foley, Sanimax
• Tim Keaveney, HERO BX
• John Wright, Owensboro Grain Company

Bob Metz, Robert Stobaugh, Kris Kappenman, Ed Hegland, and Jim Conway also continue to serve on the Governing Board.

Agribusiness, Biodiesel