ACE Announces 2013 DC Fly-In Dates

Joanna Schroeder

Each year, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) highlights the benefits of ethanol during its advocacy event in Washington, D.C. known as the “Biofuels Beltway March”. The fifth annual event will happen on Wednesday, March 13 and Thursday, March 14, 2013.

“In anticipation of a fight over the fate of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in Congress next year it is critically important for ethanol industry supporters to mark their calendars and join ACE for this fly-in,” said Brian Jennings, Executive Vice President of ACE. “With so much at stake, ACE’s fly-in will enable ethanol supporters to proactively explain in their own words what ethanol is doing to reduce gasoline prices, create jobs, and cut our foreign oil dependence so we can win the battle over the RFS and secure market certainty for E15 and higher ethanol blends.”

During the last four years, fly-in participants from all over the country have joined ACE to help drive home the message to Congress of the diversity and breadth of ethanol’s benefits to America. During the fly-in event, participants will break into teams for meetings with Members of Congress or their staff about the importance of the RFS, E15, and other priorities to be determined by ACE membership. Sixty-five ethanol advocates met with nearly 200 congressional offices during the 2012 fly-in.

To learn more about the event or to register, click here.

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