SuperShuttle Celebrates 75th Propane Shuttle

Joanna Schroeder

SuperShuttle celebrated the addition of its 75th propane autogas shuttle  in Phoenix, Arizona during the “Shuttling Arizona to a Cleaner Future” event. In attendance were area council members, Michael Johnson and Jim Waring; Valley of the Sun Clean Cities envoys; and industry representatives from the National Propane Gas Association and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The company has been using propane autogas shuttles with ROUSH CleanTech autogas engine fuel systems since 2009 and demonstrated during the event that propane is a clean, cost-effective alternative fuel. The event also featured a refueling demonstration and ride and drive.

“SuperShuttle is the largest national shared-ride organization in the U.S. Sharing rides is considered environmentally friendly, because combining rides reduces our carbon footprint and reduces the congestion on our roadways,” said Dave Bird, executive vice president of operations for SuperShuttle International. “It makes sense to step up our game with alternative fuels like propane, particularly in markets where air pollution is a major concern, such as Phoenix.”

During its lifecycle, each SuperShuttle propane autogas shuttle is estimated to release 175,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than it would have operating on gasoline. SuperShuttle, as a whole, will emit 13 million less pounds of carbon dioxide into the skies of Phoenix over the next five years using these 75 vehicles. Unit franchisees operating propane fueled shuttles are said to be saving an average of $200 per week or $10,400 per year.

Alternative energy, Propane