ContourGlobal to Build Largest Wind Farm in Peru

Joanna Schroeder

Countour Global Latam S.A. will be constructing two wind farms in Peru that the company acquired from Energia Eolica S.A. (“EESA”). The wind farms, Cupisnique and Talara, were under development by EESA and when complete, will have an installed capacity of 114 megawatts and be the first large scale wind farms built and operational in the Peru. They will also be the largest wind farms in operation in South America outside of Brazil.

Cupisnique is located in the province of Capasmayo in La Libertad region about 1,095 km from Lima, the nation’s capital. The Cupisnique wind farm will use 45 x 1.8 MW Vestas V-100 wind turbine generators. Talara is located in the province of Talara in the Piura region about 670 km from Lima. The Talara wind farm will use 17 x 1.8 MW Vestas V-100 wind turbine generators.  Both wind farms will also construct a new substation and transmission line to connect with the Peruvian national grid.

“We are very excited to be the first power company to enter the wind generation market in Peru,” said Joseph C. Brandt, ContourGlobal’s president and chief executive officer. “Cupisnique and Talara bring us into the dynamic and fast growing Peruvian economy whose continued impressive growth requires an increasing supply of reliable and low cost electricity. These two projects tap into Peru’s vast renewable resource potential and complement our regional generation and renewable footprint in Brazil and Colombia.”

Vestas Corporation has been contracted to provide engineering, procurement and construction of the wind farm. When completed, the electricity generated will be sold under Peru’s RER program.

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