Book Review: Rooftop Revolution

Joanna Schroeder

There are some books you read and you feel a bit smarter and then there are some books you read that get you excited and compel you to action. Rooftop Revolution by Danny Kennedy got me re-energized about solar energy. In simple terms, the book is about the economic and environmental benefits of solar power. Kennedy focuses on photovoltaics, a method of generating electric power by converting solar radiation (photo) into direct-current electricity (voltaic) using semi-conductors because he believes this technology is a game changer.

Think solar panels on the rooftop of every home and business around the world. Kennedy envisions this dream coming to life through a Solar Ascent where Rooftop Revolutionaries take part by putting solar systems on their homes.

Rooftop Revolution is not only a book about solar energy, but a book about how solar energy can change the future of power. It is also a guide for people to learn how to become part of the fight against Dirty Energy. Using his own experiences and telling stories of others who have gone before us, he tells the past, current and future story of solar energy. He does this through relatable stories, memorable acronyms (King CONG: the four headed monster of coal, oil, nukes, and gas) and easy to do steps.

Dirty Energy, says Kennedy, is telling one story, a story full of misused facts and half truths to make you believe that if you move to alternative sources of energy, such as solar energy, the world will go back to the Dark Ages and to add insult to injury, pay more for less power. Kennedy says this is not true but in fact the price of solar has been cut in half in recent years and with the advent of solar leases, people can begin to save money as soon as they flip the switch to solar. As more solar gets adopted, the technology will get even better and solar energy will continue to cost less and less. (Did you know that even though the U.S. has huge reserves of natural gas, it is getting more and more expensive?)

Kennedy is an activist for change. Back in the day he joined revolutions as a member of Greenpeace, today he is a part of the Rooftop Revolution, helping people all over the world generate clean, cheap power with the sun – solar energy. He writes, “So get involved….Right now it’s important that everyone know the truth about solar’s power and how we should be making energy. Our future – our safety, our prosperity, and our environment-depends on the success of the Rooftop Revolution.

While most of us do not have the means of the money to start a solar company (Kennedy is the founder of Sungevity), there are still things we can do. One thing is to become a Rooftop Revolutionary and share this book. So I am. Follow @DomesticFuel on Twitter and tweet this story with #RooftopRevolution in your tweet and you will be entered for your chance to win my copy of Danny Kennedy’s Rooftop Revolution.

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