Ethanol Producers Support Farm Bill Now

Cindy Zimmerman

A growing coalition of organizations is calling on Congress to pass a five-year, comprehensive farm bill before the current legislation expires on September 30.

A rally today on Capitol Hill will feature representatives from many of the Farm Bill Now coalition groups, and many others will be there in support, including Growth Energy. CEO Tom Buis says members of Growth Energy have been meeting with members of Congress and the administration this week to discuss maintaining the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and farm policy has been a part of those discussions.

“Every meeting that I was in, the farm bill came up,” Buis said during a press conference this morning in Washington DC. “Although most of the comments from the lawmakers indicated that it probably is not going to happen before September 30.”

Buis says they are supportive of the Senate passed version of the legislation, which does contain an energy title and is adequately funded. “We would hope they would pass it,” he said, noting that not having a farm bill creates uncertainty for agriculture. “Not knowing what the programs are going to be makes it very difficult for people to operate.”

Buis formerly served as president of the National Farmers Union before taking over as CEO of Growth Energy in 2009.

Tom Buis audio comment here: Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis

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