Teaming Up to Use ShockWave Biodiesel Reactor

John Davis

Biodiesel maker World Energy has teamed up with Hydro Dynamics, Inc., makers of ShockWave Power Reactor (SPR) technology to expand the commercialization of the SPR technology. This Hydro Dynamics news release says the two companies hope to apply the technology worldwide.

Harnessing the power of cavitation, the ShockWave Power Biodiesel Reactor drives the transesterification reaction to completion in seconds. In true continuous or batch systems, the SPR gives biodiesel producers greater feedstock flexibility and the power to achieve consistently superior quality. The SPR can improve processes to reduce monoglycerides and reduce catalyst utilization. First commercialized for use in biodiesel applications at World Energy’s US Biofuels production facility in Rome, Georgia, in 2007 the ShockWave Power technology is now in widespread use throughout the biodiesel industry. With over 400 million gallons of annual reactor capacity already installed, the
ShockWave Power Reactor is setting a new standard for efficient biodiesel production.

World Energy has on site demonstration and training of the SPR technology at its US Biofuels production facility in Rome, GA.